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To Have Loved and Lost by Maeve
A short, angsty story. Xev finally faces her unreturned love and discovers what heartbreak feels like.
Rated PG.

Burst of Life by Maeve
We've all asked ourselves...why would Zev, when given a chance at an ultimate fantasy with Kai, choose to sing and dance rather than do much more *interesting* things? This is the Burst of Life scene - the way it should have been.
Contains graphic m/f sex. Rated NC-17.

Desperate Measures by Maeve
Stanley receives a snake bite in a most unlikely place, and Kai is the only one present to help him.
Contains graphic m/m sex. Rated NC-17.

Beyond Darkness by Maeve
An alien entity restores life where there is death. A story about the beautiful fantasy and dark reality of Kai returning to life - and whether or not that would truly be a dream come true.
Contains graphic m/f sex. Rated NC-17.

Used with kind permission from Unimagined Fanfic.

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