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This text was taken, with permission, from http://freespace.virgin.net/m.li/brigdoom.txt (now dead).

Although I myself typed it out, I'm prone to errors, and I would be 
greatful if you pointed them out to me, as I'm illiterate as hell, 
and I haven't the foggiest how to punctuate, I failed my English.  
Also trying to write out the lyrics were hard enough in some places, 
and I hope I've got it right after all that video bashing, lip reading, 
and repetitive strain injuries.  email me  Starbuck on
This Transcript was updated on 1st October 2000. 

Lexx 2.18  Brigadoom  
Staring:  Brian Downey, Xenia Seeberg, Michael McManus  
Also Staring:  Jeffery Hershfield, Tom Gallant  
Written by: Paul Donovan & Lex Gigeroff  
Directed:  Bill Fleming  
The Lexx enters a gaseous anomaly, and stumbles across a building that 
floats within.  
790 screams as he rolls across the floor due to the turbulence created 
when crossing into the anomaly.  
Stanley:  Lexx what was that?  
Lexx: I don't know Stanley, but a small thing is there now that was not 
there before, may I consume it?  
Stanley:  Why it just appeared, out of nowhere?  
Lexx:  Yes, it looks like a tasty snack, I would like to eat it.  
Xev:  What is it?  
Stanley:  I have no idea.  
790:   I do, it's a pointless distraction for you my darling dug of 
desire, let Lexx eat it.  
Stanley:  Yeah I don't mind, gobble it up Lexx.  
Lexx:  Thank you Stan.  
[They hear singing]  
Xev:  No wait.  Listen.  
[The singing continues]  
Stanley:  Lexx, Lexx, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!  
Lexx:  As you command, Stan.  
Xev:  That's Kai's song.  
[The crew take a moth and fly towards the floating building]  

Stanley:  I do not trust things that appear out of nowhere, just like 
Kai:  As we approach the center of the universe, the laws of nature as 
we know them may not be valid.  
Stanley:  Yeah well we came, we had a look, it's not very interesting, 
let's go back.  
Xev:  To what?  
Stanley:  To the Lexx of course.  
Xev:  Well what's your hurry?  
Stanley:  What's my hurry?  We're supposed to be headed toward the 
center of the universe, where we have a slim chance of saving our 
lives, before the universe gets completely eaten by Mantrid's drones, 
in just a few days.  Yeah, is that clear enough. 
Stanley:  I don't like it.  I do not like it!  
Xev:  I would like to go inside.  I want to know why they are playing 
Kai's music.  
[Xev flies the moth into the building, and lands]  
Kai:  It appears to be a theater.  
Xev:  Theater?  What's that?  
Kai:  Where people come, to see actors engage in live dramatic 
Stanley:  What?  
Kai:  Theater is a medium for communal story telling Stanley.  For 
exploring myth, it is a place of cultural and intellectual enrichment.  
Stanley:  Oh that sounds really exciting, wow.  

[A tambourine falls on the floor, the lights come on and people appear 
on the stage]

[Cue music]  
Closed behind our mighty shield, 
beyond which none can fly  
This world is safe from pain and strife, 
we need not fear the sky  
We have not fought for countless years, 
we have no need to pry 
War and death are forgotten fears, 
for here we never die.  
Xev:  Kai, they are dressed like you, like Brunnen-G.  
Stanley:  Too weird, eh, this isn't a planet and I don't see any 
shields, you got any idea what they're going on about?  
Xev:  No, maybe that's how a theater works.  
Kai:  I know what they are about.  
We close our eyes, and shut our ears, 
we must never never try,  
To break the bonds of this lonely sphere, 
for we will surely die!  
Stanley:  What?  
Kai:  They are singing about my planet, Brunnis-2, where I came from.  
Master:  That's right, as our universe comes to its end, we are telling 
the most important story that ever happened, in it's vast history.  An 
epic tale of love, war, and courage, set against a backdrop of a 
destruction of a people.  A tragic chronicle of heroic destiny, that 
will stir your blood, and, bring a tear to your eye.  It is the story 
of Kai, last of the Brunnen-G.  Welcome my friends.  Welcome to our 
little show.  Welcome to your story.  
Stanley:  Woah, woah, this can't be real.  
Kai:  Define real.  
Xev:  I can't, not anymore.  
Stanley:  Look...look...it...it doesn't matter OK.  I have seen 
enough...theater, they can stay and sing, and we can go!  
Master:  The Brunnen-G were a race of romantic warriors, forever famous 
for leading humankind to victory, in the great insect wars.  Mankind 
survived, but the Brunnen-G planet was dying, so in time they abandoned  
it, for a new home in the light universe.  But by then the insect wars 
had faded into a hazy past, and man was once again fighting against man.  
The Brunnen-G turned inward, building a great defensive shield around  
their planet, safe inside their sphere of silence, they directed their 
fertile minds against the oldest enemy of them all...death.  By 
manipulating their bodies innermost cell structure, they unlocked the 
secret of never-ending life.  No Brunnen-G Would ever grow old again, 
they thought by freeing their bodies of aging, that they would become 
immortal gods at play, but humans are not designed to live forever, 
their bodies did not age, but they became a feared of everything and 
anything, for partaking in any activity at all could threaten their 
precious and ageless bodies.  
Dull dull dull your lives are oh so dull 
you stay inside your sealed house 
and cower like a frightened mouse 
dull dull dull, your lives are oh so dull 
You sit inside your bunkers with filters all around  
what kind of a life is that when you spend it underground  
You never venture outdoors you always stay inside  
what kind of a life is that when all you do is hide  
Dull dull dull, your lives are oh so dull   
"Oh my aching back, someone help me please"  
Young young young, how stupid are the young  
A brick could fall upon your head 
we'd rather stay indoors instead  
Young young young, so foolish are the young  
Dead dead dead, you spend your lives in bed  
You stay inside and shake with fear 
should a nasty germ come near
dead dead dead, we'll take that chance instead  
You never watch a sunset, or see the light of day  
what kind of a life is that when you keep it locked away.  
You've become pathetic shadows of what once you were...hmmm  
What kind if a life is that ten thousand years with her  
Dead dead dead, we'd rather live instead  
Young young young, how foolish are the young  
A brick could fall and crack your skull 
we're better off by being dull   
young young young, we do not trust the young  
Dull dull dull, you are extremely dull   
Why should we except your lot 
to stay inside and slowly rot   
dull dull dull, we'd rather crack our skulls  
[Xev laughs]  
Master:  Kai was a newborn, there were not many of them, but the few 
truly young people in the Brunnen-G society, felt imprisoned in this 
world of fearful retreat from life.  
Xev:  Is that true?  
Kai:  Yes, I was my natural age, that is how I remember feeling...when I was alive.  
Master:  Come Kai, it is your story, sing your own song.  
Kai:  Before I consider your request, perhaps you should tell me who you are.  
Master:  We live outside the cycles of time and space as you know them to be.  We appear in your reality  
from time-to-time, to put on our little show.  In this world, we always sing...so, sing with us.  
Kai:  I know the story, but not the words to your song.  
Master:  It is your song, not ours, when you are upon the stage, the words will find you, you do not 
have to find them.  
Stanley:  Don't do it Kai.  
Kai:  Why not.  
Stanley:  Why not?  Because like I said the universe is coming to an end, and we have to keep going to 
the center, if we want to have any hope at all of surviving Mantrid and his drones, and as far as I'm 
concerned this...show is just nothing but a weird distraction, so lets go.  
Xev:  Hmmm  
Stanley:  What!  
Xev:  I think...I would like to hear Kai sing.  
Stanley:  You'd like to Kai sing.  
Xev: Uh-hum.  
Stanley:  Oh boy!  
[Kai walks onto the stage and his uniform changes to that of the Brunnen-G colours]  

As I am, a younger man, and I dream of distant lands   
I wonder, where I could learn more 
to go beyond these ancient walls  
Go beyond these ghostly halls, go beyond, and beyond
Kai you are so young and dream (to explore) 
you do not see what we have seen  
The dangers are too many to ignore 
so stay behind these ancient walls  
stay within these ghostly halls 
stay behind, stay behind  
I do not mean you dis-respect (close the door) 
this life is not what I expect  
All I know is I must explore 
to go beyond this life of waste  
Go beyond this bitter taste, go beyond 
and beyond, go beyond, I want more  
Xev:  Kai! Did all this really happen?  
Kai:  Yes!  
Stanley:  Who cares, lets just go!  
Master:  The Brunnen-G shrank from all that life had to offer them.  They became small, they became 
dull, they became pathetic.  Their bodies did not age, but the life contained in them was decadent and 
worthless. Their victory over death...was a hollow one.  
It's a funny thing how time flies 
six thousand years go by so fast  
Whatever happened to what's his name 
refresh me on the past  
Hello to you my father or maybe your my son 
Perhaps she is my mother or maybe your the one  
There's too much to remember 
our heads are far too full  
I don't know who I was before and likely never will...ooh  
Teacher, Lawyer, Fireman, was that me or was that you  
Baker, Butcher, Garbageman, we haven't got a clue  
I'll go beyond these ancient walls 
I'll go beyond these lifeless halls go beyond, I want more  
Master:  Kai was young, he loved and was loved.  Come join us, play Kai's living lover.  
Xev:  Uh...I don't know.  
Stanley:  Xev this is crazy it's stupid we got to go, we're gonna die and soon, unless we leave.  
Xev:  Hmmm.  
Stanley:  Huh?  Oh this is great this is just...you!  
Master:  By Kai's time, the defensive shields that protected Brunnis-2 from the rest of the universe 
were thousands of years old.  Kai and his new born friends discovered that the shields had over time 
developed weak points.  They allowed them to see into the universe beyond, and what they saw was not
good.  Their universe was one of war and chaos, his Divine Shadow's order was on the rise conquering
and destroying planet after planet.  Kai knew that he had to travel beyond the shields to learn his 
planets fate, but Kai loved and was loved.    
I have come here to tell you, that I have to go away  
Destiny is calling me, so I cannot stay  
I may not return, but I have know what the future holds, so I must go  
I've come here to tell you, that I must leave today  
If you must leave me then I guess that you don't care  
And should you return, you know I won't be there  
Close your eyes, stay here with me 
you can save our world from a destiny  
So leave me Kai, just say good-bye, for I no longer care  
If only she could understand, things aren't what they were  
I wish that she'd care for me, like I care for her  
If I could make her see that our world is gone 
there may never be...another dawn  
If only she could understand, that I care for her  
If only he could understand, how my heart is true  
If only he would care for me, but there is no more I can do  
I wish that he would choose to stay, to be with me, not go away  
If only he would understand but there's nothing I can do  
So I say farewell to you  
Xev:  But I wouldn't have said farewell to Kai...I would have gone with him.  
Master:  Ah!  But your not her, your Xev.  
Stanley:  Guys, you know, this is really great, but I'm ending this relationship.  
Master:  Sing with us, join out troupe.  
Stanley:  Forget it, and if you two wanna keep on singing until Mantrid's drones eat you all up, fine!  
But I want to live, so I'm leaving.  

Xev:  Farewell Stan.  
Stanley:  I mean it.  
Xev:  So do I.  
Kai:  You will be abandoning all hope of survival if you stay.  
Xev:  What chance do we really have anyway...and if I have so little time left, then I want to spend it 
doing something I'm enjoying, so...I want to finish the show.  
Stanley:  So be it.  
Kai:  Stan, I request that you wait for Xev.  
Stanley:  I am not going to participate in this craziness any longer than I already have, now she can 
come or she can stay, but I'm leaving now, right now.  
Master:  In search of answers, Kai went beyond the Brunnen-G shields, to a tiny planet of the Time 
Time begins and then time ends, 
and then time begins once again  
It is happening now, it has happened before, 
it will surely happen again. 
Prophet, I have come to you, 
here on this uncertain moon,   
Do we Brunnen-G, have any hope, 
or are my people doomed.  
I looked into the cycles of time, 
not very clearly mind you  
I gaze into, future past, 
and I see the Brunnen-G doomed  
For Kai you'll be the last to die, 
and there is something else I see  
the Shadows Order will be destroyed, 
at the hands of the last Brunnen-G  
"Are you certain Time Prophet?"  
Time begins, and then time ends, 
and then time begins once again  
It is happening now, it has happened before, 
it will surely happen again  
Master:  Kai told his people that he had visited the Time Prophet, and learned that his planet was 
doomed to be destroyed by the Divine Order.    
Gather round and hear my song, we've been deaf, 
we have been blind too long  
Beyond our shields there lies a threat, 
it will spell our certain death  
His Shadow is coming, His Shadow looms, 
His Shadow is bringing our final doom  
We cannot hide, you must listen to me, 
this is the end of the Brunnen-G  
Why don't you listen, why won't you hear, 
our final hour is almost here  
Do you want to do nothing and close your eyes, 
you're blind and you're mad if you're waiting to die  
His Shadow is coming I tell you it's true, 
His Shadow will kill us, what shall we do  
Now is the time to prepare for war, 
or are you unable to fight anymore  
Stanley:  Yeah...but they didn't listen of course.  
Master:  Exactly, the Brunnen-G did not listen.  The Brunnen-G were angry, angrier than anyone could  
remember.  Kai was accused of betraying them, by breaching the shields, of opening the door, to enemies  
who could destroy them.  
What has this newborn brought on our heads, 
what kind of horrors, what kind of awful dread.  
He's broken the shields, he's broken the wall, 
this newborn will being certain death to us all  
You are the one who invited this war, 
you are the one who has opened the door  
What do we do with him, what would be just, 
if he is guilty, then kill him we must.  
Stanley:  Yeah well they're not any angrier than me, I am not waiting around for those two.  
[Stanley leaves Kai and Xev behind, and flies off in the moth towards Lexx]  
Master:  ...Kai was put on trial, and found guilty of betraying his people.  Kai was condemned to death 
by aging, a punishment the Brunnen-G considered truly terrible...  
You are accused of a treason most high, 
you are found guilty, sentenced to die, 
I hereby decree that your  
death shall be slow, this newborn will die, 
because you will grow old.  
"Have you anything to say?"  
You do not pass this sentence on me, 
your passing it on all Brunnen-G.  
Master:  ...and so Kai was thrown, into a lonely silent cell.  
You find me wasting here 
you must think I'm insane   
All I want is for you too know  
I would do this all again   
I simply had to do what I had to do 
but it never meant I didn't love you  
But why do you come see me here 
is it to break my heart again?
While you were away from me 
I nearly went insane  
I spent my nights wandering 
if I would see you once again  
If I set you free will you be with me 
do you want me, do you love me  
I can't stand to see you wasting here
I want to be with you again 
Two hearts are as one heart 
and this one heart has two  
As long as this heart beats 
I will love only you  
Time slips away, it fades away 
so we must live today  
My heart beats for you my love 
and your heart beats for me  
and your heart beats for me  
[Stanley listens to the play from the moth]  
Master:  Knowing that their shields were breached, communicated with the outside world for the first 
time in millennia, they realised that Kai was right, and that they were truly doomed.  But how my 
friends do you think they reacted.  
We have been living in a dream 
we have been living in a dream  
It's time to wake up and truly see 
our lives have been so empty until now  
My death will come and free us 
death will release us  
It all makes senseless sense to us somehow 
for too long we've cheated death  
This sweet relief of our final breath 
sweet relief, sweet relief, we want it now  
Master:  Nobody cared about Kai anymore, nobody cared about anything, except their soon to be realised  
We welcome death with open hearts 
we welcome death with open hearts  
We see a life now that the dyings us 
it all makes senseless sense to us somehow  
So let us rejoice at our death 
this sweet relief of our final breath  
Sweet relief, sweet relief 
sweet relief, sweet relief, Kill us now  
Xev:  That's how they reacted?  They really wanted to die?  
Kai:  Yes.  
Master:  The madness was in the air, it was everywhere, but some, did not wish to see the end of the  
Brunnen-G.  Some thought that the great people that saved mankind in the great insect wars should fight  
this new enemy, they were the newborn, the only vital force left on the planet.  
We are the Brunnen-G and we were once were great,  
And I must say to you it is not too late,   
We may die, but we must fight, let us act this very night  
Why should we lay down, and except this fate 
We are the Brunnen-G, we're waiting to die  
We celebrate the death that will fall from the sky 
We may die, but we must fight, let us fight this very night 
We are the Brunnen-G, we're waiting to die 
We are the Brunnen-G, do we have no pride  
We must stand and fight not commit suicide  
Come with me and we will fight, turn them back this very night  
We are the Brunnen-G, do we have no pride 
We are the Brunnen-G, we're waiting to die  
We celebrate the death and will fall from the sky
It is not to late to fight, come with me this very night 
We are the Brunnen-G, we're waiting to die 
Will you come with me and fight, 
we will come with you and fight  
We are the Brunnen-G, we're waiting to die  
We are the Brunnen-G, we deserve to die  
Xev:  I wish my character could change what happened.    
Master:  The show is the show, the show never changes...But the newborn were few, they had no weapons.  
The Divine Order was more powerful than anything they had ever known, they had developed a mighty  
weapon called the Foreshadow.  It could destroy entire planets with sheets of pure energy that it rained  
down onto them from space.  Kai, knew of nothing that could stop this weapon, the Brunnen-G shields were  
totally destroyed by the Divine Order, and the Foreshadow was closing in, there was no hope of mercy, 
only certainty of death.  The newborn Brunnen-G went to a museums, where they found a few ancient and 
long obsolete weapons, left over from the insect wars, preserved only for their curious technology.  
They were tiny insect craft, that carried small missiles, and the newborn led by Kai, planned to take 
these tiny craft, and attack the Foreshadow, the mighty battle weapon of the Divine Order.  
If this should be, our final stand, 
we will stand together with pride  
We will honour the past, and fight to the last, 
it will be a good way to die  
It matters not, if the cause is lost, 
and we can not stop the tide  
We will fight to the end, and then fight again, 
it will be a good way to die  
Our time is short, our chance is grim, 
but I will not give into fear  
I can face death with an open heart, 
if I know that you are near  
And if I must die, I'll be with you Kai, 
full of pride, at your side  
I live now for you my love, 
it's a good way to die  
This moment will live on through time, 
if anyone ever asks why  
The Brunnen-G did not fall on their knees,   
you will know they found a good way to die  
[Stanley turns the moth around, and heads back towards the theater]  
Master:  The newborn found a good way to die.  They sang an ancient song, in a long lost language, handed  
down by their ancestors.  A song the Brunnen-G always sang, when they went into battle, expecting to 
[The newborns sing the 'Fight Song Of The Brunnen-G']  
Master:  A half a dozen little craft, went forth against the mighty power of the Divine Order, not 
really believing that they would win, but the prophecy had told them they had not, knowing that they 
would die well.  
[His Divine Shadow stands over the fallen Kai]  
Kai:  His shadow.  
Shadow:  His Divine Shadow...yes.  
Kai:  The Brunnen-G will defeat you.  
Shadow:  I do not think so. The power of Order has destroyed your planet.  The power of Order will  
destroy you, and you are the last of the Brunnen-G left alive.  Die last of the Brunnen-G.  
[Kai is carried out in his assassins uniform]  
Master:  Kai died well.  
[Stanley claps]  
Stanley:  If you guys are ready, it's time to go.  
Kai:  We are ready.  
Master:  You do not have to go, you are in the next act Xev, you and Stanley, of the last of the 
to destroy the Divine Order.  
Xev:  But  what happens if we stay here with you?  
Master:  This universe will end, but we do not live in it, we live outside of time and space, so our 
world does not end when it ends, our little show will go on.  If you join us you will also sing with us, 
for all eternity.  
Kai:  Why are you asking us to join your troupe?  
Master:  Because yours is the most important story in the history of this universe, and this universe, 
will end soon.    
Stanley:  We don't except.  
Xev:  Why?  
Stanley:  You know why.  Cos they don't live, they're not real.  They are just like the Brunnen-G, not 
alive, not dead.  Thanks but we don't except.  
Xev:  But you know that means we will probably die.  The universe is ending, and going to the center is 
just the best idea that we have.  
Stanley:  No.  I've got another idea.  We're not going to the center anymore.  
Xev:  We're not.  
Stanley:  Because 2000 years ago, Kai was right, it's better to die fighting, than to die running, and 
come on face it, at the center, there's nothing but a cowards death.  
Xev:  So where are we going to go.  
Stanley:  To fight Mantrid.  Look...why should we...just...replay what's already happened, lets re-write 
the end.  
Xev:  Yes.  Yes Stanley we are going to fight Mantrid.  The Lexx still the most powerful single force in 
the universe.  
Stanley:  Yeah, at least...it will be a good way to die.  
Kai:  I found a good way to die once.  I am happy for you to join me.  
If this should be our final stand, 
we will stand together with pride  
We will honour the past, and fight to the last, 
it will be a good way to die  
[The troupe disappear and all remains as it was, the crew return to the Lexx with a new agenda]  
Xev:  The Brunnen-G discovered eternal life, but they all died.  You were the only one to survive.  
Kai:  I did not survive.  
Stanley:  OK Lexx, lets go get Mantrid  

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