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Divine Predecessors' Ditty

Stanly Tweedle defiled by fate
A martyr for his generation.
Sweaty probes were forced into him
Such pain such humiliation.
But now he's the captain of the Lexx
On an intergalactic tour.
Still he dreams at night
Of the time of his life...
In the playpen of Feppo and Smoor.

Stan's Revenge

Stanley Tweedle is a god
A warrior and a gent.
We are not fit to suck his feet
Or dine on his excrement.
At night we croon
By the light of a moon
Of his courage and his creed.
Hey ho there he goes
Oh woe for his foes
Long live the Tweedle seed.
Stanley, Stanley
Top of the hero class
Stanley, Stanley
We live to kiss his ass!

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