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Brian Downey (Filmography) - Stanley Tweedle
Born: 31st October 1944 in Newfoundland, Canada

Eva Habermann (Filmography) - Zev Bellringer
Born: 16th January 1976 in Hamburg, Germany

Xenia Seeberg (Filmography) - Xev Bellringer
Born: 4th April 1972 in Geldern, Germany

Michael McManus (Filmography) - Kai
Born: 15th April 1962 in London, Ontario

Jeffrey Hirschfield (Filmography) - 790

Tom Gallant (Filmography) - Voice of the Lexx

Ellen Dubin (Filmography) - Giggerota The Wicked
Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Dieter Laser (Filmography) - Mantrid
Born: 17th February 1942 in Kiel, Germany

Louise Wischermann (Filmography) - Lyekka
Born: 25th February 1974 in Salvador, Brazil

Nigel Bennett (Filmography) - Prince
Born: 19th November 1949 in Wolverhampton, England

Rolf Kanies (Filmography) - Priest
Born: 1957

Patricia Zentilli (Filmography) - Bunny
Born: 27th November 1970 in Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Anna Kathrin Bleuler (Filmography) - May
Born: 1975 in Zurich, Switzerland

Doreen Jacobi (Filmography) - Wist
Born: 28th February 1974 in Potsdam, Germany

Minna Aaltonen (Filmography) - Vlad
Born: 17th September 1966 in Turku, Finland

Jeff Pustil (Filmography) - Schlemmi/Fifi

Ralph Brown (Filmography) - Duke
Born: 21st June 1960 in Cambridge, England

Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Database.

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