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Season 1 (1997)

I Worship His Shadow I think the Lexx explains it very well himself here.
Super Nova The crew locates Kai's ancestral homeworld, Brunnis. They have to deal with an attempted hijacking of the Lexx, the impending explosion of the planet's sun and a life-form known as Poet Man.
Eating Pattern When the Lexx lands on a planet to eat, Zev, followed by Stan, go exploring. They are kidnapped in a parasite-ruled society. Bog, who is the King of the group, controls the share of a liquid known as Pattern, which is made from human flesh.
Giga Shadow The Lexx returns to the Light Universe in order to find some protoblood from The Cluster, but finds out that the "cleansing" has begun and The Cluster's true form is revealed...


Season 2 (1998/1999)

Mantrid Kai still needs protoblood, so the crew take a dormant insect to a strange planet in order for a scientist there, Mantrid, to extract the protoblood. Mantrid has his own plans.
Terminal When Stan operates the cryopod incorrectly, Kai awakes and accidentally injures him. After Zev gives a display of power, Stan is admitted to a hospital. A trio of doctors make grand plans to steal for Lexx for themselves. Zev loses her life saving Kai.
Lyekka A strange intelligent plant, Lyekka, comes aboard the Lexx and morphs into the girl from Stan's dreams. The crew encounters a small ship from planet Potato Hoe, lead by Captain Moss.
Luvliner The crew finds a pleasure transport and Stan and Xev decide to try and have some fun aboard it. Meanwhile, the owner of the transport calls for assistance to hijack the Lexx.
Lafftrak The crew get lured into a amusement centre where they participate in TV shows, unaware of the dangers they face if the ratings get too low...
Stan's Trial Upon boarding the Celes Pleasure Transport, Stan hopes to get a hero's welcome for destroying the Divine Order, but is instead arrested for the destruction nearly 100 planets.
Love Grows When the Lexx encounters a ship carrying "Category 13" toxic waste, both crews and the Lexx itself undergo some changes.
White Trash When Stanley is asking Lexx about other people on board, he discovers that a family of stowaways escaped the cleansing on The Cluster. They end up forcing Stan to take the Lexx to their home planet, Vermil.
791 Lyekka is hungry and the crews responds to an automated distress signal on a barren planet. The ship they find seems to be abandoned at first, but 790 find a cyborg body to experiment with.
Wake the Dead The crew encounter a ship where the occupants have been asleep for 300 years. They are a group of teenagers and when they board the Lexx, one of them causes Kai to "waste them in cool ways".
Nook The Lexx encounters a water covered planet with a single island occupied by male monks who follow ancient beliefs. There is a library of "bad knowledge" and they have never seen a woman before...
Norb Norb, the boy from White Trash, has been replaced by Mantrid drones and boards the Lexx. The Mantrid drones wreak havoc before the Lexx reverses it's particle drive, destroying them.
Twilight The bodies of the Divine Predecessors are sent to Ruma, but they end up trying to eat a former cleric and his family. Xev and Kai bring Stan to the planet for medical attention, but as has happened before, the family have other motives...
Patches in the Sky The Narcolounger is an old machine which allows people to live out their dreams. After threatening to destroy a mining planet, Stan finds out about the device and gets a visit from an old friend in his dream.
Woz 790 informs the crew than Xev has an expiry date and the crew searches for the only remaining machine that can change it. Meanwhile, a conflict between two factions on the outpost of Woz continues.
The Web Due to the threat of Mantrid drones, the Lexx head towards the centre of the universe. However, it is caught in a giant web along the way, and the Lexx doesn't like spiders.
The Net The giant living web tries to devour the Lexx and takes control of Stanley in order to use him to fool the rest of the crew that the danger has passed.
Brigadoom A strange building suddenly appears, and when the crew investigate it turns out to be a travelling threatre performing the story of the Brunnen-G...
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Brizon Stanley sends out a message to request help against Mantrid and Brizon responds, claiming to know to how deactivate the drones, but Brizon is slowly dying himself.
End of the Universe As the mantrid drones have already taken over most of the universe, Stan comes up with the idea of creating an army of 790 drones to combat them, but is he too late??


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