Brunnen-G Fight Song

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"The Brunnen-G were a race of romantic warriors, forever famous for leading humankind to victory in the Great Insect Wars."

Vaiyo A-O
(Fighters of the Fight)

A Home Va Ya Ray
(For their home and their heart)

Vaiyo A-Rah
(We fighters will win or die)

Jerhume Brunnen G
(Forever we are Brunnen G)

Note: Due to this song becoming so popular, it became part of the title sequence in season 3.

Download the Fight Song (641KB) - MP3

Download the Fight Song; Different version to the MP3 (927KB) - wav

Kai on the piano (997KB) - MP3

Kai singing an Irish version (669KB) - MP3

Kai's techno dance mix (3.1MB) - MP3

Season 3 Title Sequence (948KB) - Real Player

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