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Used with kind permission from Unimagined Fanfic.

**Be warned! This story contains graphic sexual situations and may not be to everyone's liking. If you don't like that sort of thing or are not considered an adult in your space/time continuum, we're going to have to ask you to leave this page.**

Burst of Life

by Jerboa

And ever...
And ever... will love you."

The final words escaped from Zev's lips, words to a song she did not know but somehow had been driven to sin She was not used to singing, and her voice was not trained to be melodious, but she didn't care at all about that.

In unison, she heard Kai finish the song with her, and felt the deepness of his voice vibrating all the way into her breasts, as his chest was pressed against hers in a tight embrace. The sensual vibrations led her chest to swell and her nipples became hard as little rubies.

But then her entire body was reacting delightfully to the entire experience. This Burst of Life, it was called... what a beautiful name. She felt deliriously happy, almost dizzy with euphoria, and weak with a sudden lust she could not explain to herself. It was so good to completely forget about life outside of this room, where all that mattered was that she was here, with the man she loved, dancing and singing as she had never done before.

This man before her, Kai... was he the Kai she knew? The one she knew was dead. This one was vibrantly alive-- his green eyes glowed and sparkled with life in a way she had never seen on the Kai she knew. She could feel the warmth of his hands as they grasped the small of her back.

No, this wasn't her Kai... but somehow, it didn't matter to her.

The music had faded and their dancing had stopped. She wanted more now... she wasn't quite sure what she wanted, but she wanted more.

Kai stood gracefully before her, pressed against her, his face only a breath away from hers. But he did not make any move towards her, merely held her embraced and waited, smiling.

I know what I want, Zev suddenly decided. A wonderful and powerful tingle between her legs accompanied her thought, and she opened her eyes to meet the gaze of the beautiful man in her arms. Tentatively, she raised her chin, and the tingling increased when he bowed his head slightly to capture her mouth with his own.

His lips were warm and soft, and Zev felt her head spinning with growing arousal as she felt the tip of his tongue against her lips, gently parting them, then slowly moving inside her mouth to meet her tongue passionately.

She couldn't quite e tell how long the kiss lasted, but she knew wasn't as long as she would have liked. He released her mouth, pulling away just enough to look into her eyes and smile.

Zev smiled back, although she ached for more of his touch. She wanted to feel his lips again... she wanted to feel his hands, his fingers, his every body part against hers.

And she could have him, if she wanted him, Zev realized. This was her Burst of Life-- her ultimate fantasy. And she did want him. She wanted him more than anything.

"I want... more." she whispered to him. She shuddered as she felt his hands move from around her back to cup her face.

He kissed her lightly, softly, and said, "I am yours. Tell me what you want me to do."

She swallowed, his deep words sending shockwaves of excitement through her. A strangely pleasant throbbing seemed to be growing between her thighs, leaving her with a wet, heated feeling, something she had experienced before whenever she was near Kai but never this strongly.

She felt unsure but also thrilled to be experiencing all these new sensations for the first time. Her life in the wife bank had taught her how to be an obedient, complying and utterly submissive wife, and she had learned how to pleasure and satisfy a man-- but never had she been taught about her own body, how it reacted and what it needed. And now, with her love slave transformation that left her filled with a lust for anything male-- well, almost anything, she reminded herself--, it was as though her body was a fully functional piece of equipment, but with no instruction manual. So she fought down the urges and trusted the lovely male before her to handle her as he should.

But even better- he was waiting for her instruction! The idea thrilled her and for a second she thought of grabbing his face and breathing out, 'Make love to me, you beautiful man!' The thought made her want to laugh, and she opted for something more dignified.

"I want you... to touch me." Zev told him, her voice suddenly unsteady.

He obeyed, and lifted his hand to her face, slowly tracing it with the tips of his fingers. Zev shivered, closing her eyes as he continued to caress her face, then moved on to clasp the back of her neck. She gasped when she felt his soft lips pressing against the sensitive skin there.

Her fantasy Kai was kissing her now, gently, ever so slowly tracing a path down her neck, and stopping between her breasts, where her bluish dress cut open. His hands came back up, slipping the material away to cup her warm, full mounds.

"Oh... yes..." she groaned. She could feel a strong pang of desire slicing within her to the point where she wanted to jump on top of the man before her and tear his clothes off, but with great effort she resisted. She wanted this, this slow and tender exploration. Despite her love slave instincts for immediate satisfaction, she wanted the feelings to last as long as they possibly could.

Her round, resilient breasts slipped free of the confining material as Kai loosened it from her shoulders, pulling it down her body, kissing every inch of milky skin as it was revealed. Before she'd even realized it, he had slipped it from underneath the rubber strap wrapped around her waist, and the soft material brushing against her legs sent another tremor through her. He tossed the small garment aside, and his strong hands held into her legs as he carefully removed her knee-high boots.

She was naked now, naked for the first time before a man and she felt no shame, no humiliation, only a tremendous desire she could barely contain.

Kai was observing her, caressing her with his gaze. In turn she studied his face, and couldn't help but wonder for a second if the real Kai was somehow participating in the experience. Her fantasy Kai appeared enthralled at the sight of her, his lips locked in a beautiful smile and his eyes shrouded with a dreamy look as though he couldn't get enough of her beauty.

The Kai outside this room couldn't feel such things, or so he said. But still... she couldn't help but wonder.

"You are so beautiful." he whispered. "So beautiful, the moon must be proud to shine on you."

"Oh, Kai..." she trembled. But he was already gathering her in his arms, lowering her to the floor-- only it wasn't a floor anymore. Underneath her now was a bed, a large bed covered in what felt like the most glorious rose-coloured satin sheets, which made her moan silently when their softness touched her bare skin. She saw him reach behind her, and then her head was gently lifted and a satiny pillow was placed beneath it. Something in her mind reminded her the whole experience was only a fantasy, but she just didn't care anymore. How could she!

When he had made sure she was lying comfortably, Kai reclined next to her, and she noted with a bit of disappointment he was still fully dressed. Well, she could take care of that.

"Wait," she said, as his hand reached for her. It stopped in midair, and she clasped it as she propped herself up on one elbow.

"I want to see you too. Take your shirt off."

He smiled coyly, reaching behind his back to slowly -- much too slowly, Zev thought-- unfasten the back of his top. With equal slowness he slipped it from his shoulders, and Zev bolted up to practically tear the beautifully colored material from his arms. His firm and shapely chest now exposed to her adoring gaze, she stared at him hungrily.

Somehow, she found him different than she expected, not as bulky as she had imagined men to be, but he did have a well-defined muscular trimness and a sensuous grace about him she found to be much better than what she had expected.

She very much wanted to touch and kiss his newly-exposed skin, but again she resisted. For some strange reason, she was enjoying remaining passive, and she lay back to allow him to continue. But wait, there was just one more thing...

"Wait, Kai-- your hair. I want you to take your hair down."

She watched with excitement as he flipped his braid over his shoulder, carefully uncurling the strands. Her excitement doubled he reached higher in his hair, slowly releasing his rich raven hair from the intricate bun atop his head.

Zev sighed happily, leaning her head back. Gods, he was gorgeous. His silken hair framed his face and fell over his shoulders, hiding from her view the tantalizing ripples of his chest.

Kai's hands found her face again, touching and caressing it with a gentleness that made her want to weep. His hands found their way to her chest, stroking between her breasts before taking them, massaging them sensuously with strong, but gentle hands. Zev groaned, twisting her hips, panting with burgeoning desire. His fingers circled her nipples which instantly hardened in response. His touch was the most unbelievable thing she had ever known.

He took her right nipple between gentle fingers, rubbing it slowly, making her moan and close her eyes. She threw her head back, exposing her neck, and she felt him leaning closer to her to kiss it, running his tongue along her jaw. The ends of his hair brushed against her skin, tickling it as his lips gently tickled the lobe of her ear.

She felt his lips, his tongue tasting her silken skin, while his fingertips carefully sculpted the sensitive little buds of pleasure on her full and aching breasts. His lips followed a trail down to her chest again, continued to her left breast, and Zev shuddered with another tingle of pleasure when she felt the tip of his tongue against the swell of her nipple. He circled it a few times, then closed his lips around it, suckling gently. His teeth then closed around it, and she squirmed, grasping the back of his neck in silent ecstasy.

His lips never leaving her skin, he moved on to her other hardened nipple and took it in his mouth, repeating the same delightful ritual he had done to the other one, while one of his hands found its way to Zev's lower back. He caressed it, his warm hand strong and yet soft, making her arch her back with a cry.

She pushed her hips upward and spread her legs, waiting as his lips caressed her stomach, her abdomen, trailing their way down her body with excruciating slowness to where she wanted him the most. She was already more aroused than she would have thought possible, every precise movement of his mouth sending more hot wetness to this part of her she never had never felt become so alive before.

Kai stopped just above the soft puff of silvery fur that adorned the incredibly wet, incredibly hot part of her. When she sensed him moving she widened her eyes in mild alarm to see if he was leaving, but sighed in relief and anticipation as she felt him move between her legs, his hands never leaving her skin. She opened them even wider, heart pounding as she struggled to wait, resisting the strong urge to pin him with her legs and smother him against her. She easily could have taken control from him if she had wanted to, but this lovemaking-- yes, she decided, if it wasn't sex in the true sense, it definitely was lovemaking-- wasn't about to control to her. She was utterly content to let him preside over every touch, every caress.

His fingers stroked the tender insides of her thighs, moving up until he was nearly touching the patch of silver hair, but always pulling away before making actual contact. She groaned in frustration, a soft cluster lizard growl leaping from her throat, but he didn't t tease her for long. He pressed his hand flat against the moistness between her legs, and she tightened her muscles and thrust her hips with more strength than she would have thought possible. Of course, she was beyond thinking, beyond reasoning; her mind and body were slowly becoming overwhelmed by these deliciously new sensations.

His palm rubbed over her in small circles, and she responded by closing her thighs around it, undulating her hips until she matched his rhythm. An amazingly intense sensation was gradually building where his hand was manipulating her; she wanted more, wanted him to do more. She searched for his eyes and met them, and saw he was carefully watching her, smiling passionately, eyes shining with obvious desire.

If only for a brief second, she felt a small amount of guilt seeping within her hazy mind. He was in complete control, yet he seemed so obedient and submissive to her. She felt a desperate desire to return the pleasure he was so skillfully giving her, and made a mental note to return the favor later.

She found the bright orbs of his eyes again, and her mouth parted in a silent plea. He answered it by leaning towards her, engulfing her starving lips in a strong, passionate kiss.

The corners of her mouth curled into a smile; he tasted so good, his skilled lips felt so soft, she would have been content to lie in his arms and savour him forever.

But then he increased his pace, and her hips followed along as she broke free of his mouth to gasp.

Kai's fingers gently f felt within her soft feminine folds for her moist opening. It flowered open at his touch, and Zev's eyes closed in ecstacy as his fingertips gently rubbed around it. Soon his questing fingers found her moist little button and caressed it slowly, making her moan loudly, feeling such strong waves of pleasure it was as though her body was melting into that one spot between her legs. If she could have formed any words, she would have begged him not to stop, to keep touching, but she didn't even have to. He quickly rubbed and then pinched the sensive little bud that brought her so much pleasure, making her stretch her body sensuously in complete abandon. Yes, yes... this was it! Her first experience of sexual ecstacy! Oh yes... so close...

But then his fingers left her, and Zev barely had time to return from the edge of her abandon when she felt warm breath and then the moist softness of his tongue now against her throbbing little pleasure point. She cried out in pure delight as he gently lapped at her, her entire body arched and pushed forward. And then she became dimly aware of his fingers again, teasing around the silky wetness of her heated opening. With ease they slipped inside, then out, and then back in. He twisted them around a bit before sliding out again, all the while never stopping the sensual lashes of his tongue.

Zev was gasping and undulating on the bed, driving herself down against his fingers and tongue as that incredible feeling began to sprout in her groin again and spread upward to caress her insides.

Yes... yes... !

But no, not yet. He withdrew his fingers, and she watched with erotic fascination as he licked the tips of his fingers, engulfing them in his mouth as he slowly and sensuously sucked her moisture from them. The sight was almost as exciting as everything else had been so far, but she couldn't s stand to be left unfulfilled for an instant longer. She reached for his head, firmly tangled her fingers in his black tresses, and pulled him back to the source of her ecstasy.

"Don't... stop!" she gasped, and could barely manage a cry as his firm hands held onto her thighs and the hot moisture of his tongue darted out to caress her with a stronger insistence, lapping at her until that remarkable pleasure climbed again and peaked.

Oh... yes!!

Her body arched, her head kicked back and a long cry escaped her lips as the most incredible climax firmly gripped her, rolling through her like fierce waves. It seemed to pulse and spread throughout her, shaking her with an intensity she had never known, and for that short time it consumed her and became her entire world. It was as though she was flying, a pure, achingly sweet slipstream carrying her to heights beyond anything she had ever imagined.

She prayed for the sensation to last forever, but soon-- too soon, she decided-- it faded and the fantasy room fell to silence but for her own ragged breathing. When she opened her eyes again she was greeted by Kai, who was gently kissing her face and neck. His kisses were not feverish, or sexual, only light and tender and were extremely gratifying after the calmed heat of her passion.

He ended by capturing her mouth, licking the inside of her lips with just the tip of his tongue; she could taste her musky, slightly salty wetness still on it.

He gathered her in his arms and she sighed, basking in warmth and satisfaction she never would have dreamed of experiencing before. Though she was tired, she was not drained, and when her energy quickly returned a sudden decision came with it. She sat up on the bed, and felt Kai following her, watching her with such a loving gaze she felt a small pang of sorrow that she couldn't see thatat same gaze on her real Kai. But this Kai was as close as she would get, and she planned to return the favor to the man who had given her so much pleasure.

"Kai?" she asked sweetly.

"Yes?" he responded, leaning forward to nuzzle her neck with his lips. "Tell me what you want me to do."

Her excitement came surging back at those words, but she remained calm. "I want you to let me do... what I want to do."

"What would you like?"

She smiled slightly, pausing for an instant to look at him. He looked so sweet and innocent, she thought, something she knew she saw in her Kai as well. Something in his eyes... those pure, trusting eyes. How old had he been when he died, she wondered? He seemed so young now. He was several centuries older than she was, technically, but the innocence in his eyes stood out like the stars in the Brunnis sky.

She reached out and touched his cheek lightly, feeling a sudden pang of sadness. If only his body were capable of feeling, she would crush him in her arms and swear to protect him from anyone who would harm him, hold him until she could make all the cruelties that had been done to him vanish, and take care of him so he'd be happy forever.

But those were things she couldn't do, not for the real Kai, and not for this one before her. But she still vowed to take care of him in the only way she could right now.

Her fantasy Kai was still looking at her, obediently waiting for her instruction. Oh yes, she decided. She would take very good care of him.

"I would like..." Zev began. She stopped, and raised herself onto her knees until she was level with his face. "It's your turn now."

"My turn?" he asked quizzically, and she watched with amusement his puzzled expression. Obviously, this was not something the fantasy program, or whatever was creating this dreamworld, had expected.

"I want to do for you what you did for me." she told him slowly, relishing every word, staring deeply into the gems of his eyes. "Do you understand?"

"Yes I do." Kai answered, his voice a little altered now.

He's nervous! Zev realized, suppressing a giggle. She was almost feeling pity for him. "You don't have to be afraid." she told him warmly.

The fantasy Kai seemed to regain some confidence. "I am not." he said. "What would you like to do?"

"I want to kiss you." she declared, with growing delight. Oh, she was going to enjoy this! "I want to touch you. And I want to see you enjoy it."

"As you wish."

"Oh, I do wish." she said. She swung one long, nude leg over his, which were outstretched on the bed, and settled on his thighs. Taking the lead now she slipped her hands to his shoulders and opened her lips to him in a strong, hot kiss. Without wasting a second she plunged her tongue into his mouth to taste him deeply, even as her hands travelled to the back of his neck, spreading against and caressing the naked skin of his back.

She rubbed her fingers against the sleek, smooth flesh, pulling back a bit to watch his delighted expression. Though he remained passive as she contemplated him, she was strongly aware of his steady, intense stare studying her every move. She could see the blaze of passion ignited in those glowing green eyes, and the sight intrigued her as well as excited her. Those eyes, which moments before had seemed so childlike and innocent, were shaping now the most erotic gaze she had ever known. Was this all the product of the fantasy, she wondered? Meant to stimulate emotions within her she had always wished to experience?

Whatever the case, she wasn't done yet. Snapping herself out of her reverie she threw the top of his jumpsui away, and leaned forward to place a warm, wet kiss in the center of his chest. She heard his soft moan and, delighted with the response, she turned to one of his nipples and sucked on it hungrily. It hardened much as hers did and, fascinated, she lifted her hand to gently pinch and rub the other one, feeling it swell beneath her fingertips. She stopped after a while to look up at him, and saw his head was thrown back a bit, his eyes closed.

Zev smiled. "Did you like that?"

He opened his eyes, focusing that loving gaze on her again. "Yes, very much."


With a soft purr she moved forward again, lashing her tongue out and making a slick trail down his body until she reached the front of his trousers. Without hesitation she unfastened them and pulled them down a bit, smiling with delight as she saw for the first time his organ, already hard and throbbing with arousal, nestled in a patch of curling ebony hair which felt surprisingly soft when her fingers touched it. Kai shuddered a bit, and she glanced up at him to see he had closed his eyes again, sitting still as he allowed her to do whatever she desired. The sight thrilled her, and she turned her attention back to his straining organ, watching it with an inherent fascination.

She had never seen a man's sex organ this closely before. While his was not thick, it was long and well-shaped, flushed slightly rosy. Curious, she traced it with a gentle finger, making him groan. A few droplets of moisture spilled from the swollen tip, leaking onto her finger. Her curiosity increasing she lifted her finger and, making sure he was watching her through hazy eyes, dipped it into her mouth to taste the surprisingly sweet offering.

"You taste good." she told him softly.

"So do you, my love." he said breathlessly.

She watched his lips, slightly parted now as his breath quickened, and she could not resist moving against him to press her lips to his mouth, her tongue duelling with his as her hand travelled up his thigh until her fingers closed tightly around his rigid organ. It felt warm in her grasp, pulsing softly, and she slowly moved her hand upward, pausing to caress the head before sliding back down with equal slowness. She stroked him again, increasing her pace a bit until his hips pushed forward and matched her rhythm, even as a soft groan escaped his throat. Smiling, she squeezed him a little harder, drawing a small gasp from him. For a second she thought of leaning down and taking him into her mouth to bring him to fulfillement, but she decided not to; she wanted-- no, needed to see him as it was her turn now to give him pleasure.

Instead she moved forward to resume the kiss, and trailed her fingers up on his hard shaft until she pressed her hand flat against the tip, feeling her hand becoming damp with his moisture.

Slowly she began to rub back and forth, then more quickly, and she wrapped her other arm around his shoulders as he began to tremble with the nearness of his climax.

He came a few seconds later, shuddering in her arms as she felt his hot liquid bursting between her fingers. A low, passionate moan escaped his lips and his head kicked back against Zev's arm. Smiling, she caressed the back of his neck as another tremor shook him, spilling more heated fluid onto her hand, until he quieted, embracing her warmly. Zev sighed in delight, lifting her hand to breathe in the sweet-smelling liquid on her hand, before plunging her fingers in her mouth to suck and then lick it off as she had seen him do with her own moisture.

When she was finished she settled in Kai's arms as they lay back together. All she wanted now was to remain in his arms and savour this peaceful and blissful quiet, but she feared the fantasy would end any second now. As she decided not to waste another instant she searched for his lips and they kissed tenderly for a moment, until he pulled away and whispered, "I will love you forever."

She closed her eyes in ecstasy, murmuring softly, "And so will I."

But then she felt a warm breeze around her, wrapping her... and when she opened her eyes again, she saw she was standing, clothed, and alone. Kai and the fantasy room had vanished.

"Kai?" she called out, though she hardly expected a response.

And then she disappeared.

The End

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