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Season 3 (2000)

Fire and Water Out of fuel and stuck in the Dark Zone, the crew has to enter stasis while the Lexx spends 4000 years looking for food. The Lexx gets stuck orbits a strange pair of planets and one of the inhabitants, Prince, pays the crew a visit.
May Stanley is rescued from decapitation when Prince learns that he has the key to a powerful weapon. Meanwhile Kai has jumped down to Water to search for him, but instead finds May.
Gametown Kai takes a swarm of moths down to the planet Water to collect food for the Lexx, while Prince tells Stanley to destory Water or May will die again.
Boomtown Stan and Xev head to water looking for sexual pleasure, but during a game on Boontown, the town gets attacked by people from Fire. Kai manages to retrieve a moth and rescue Bunny, and encounters someone who looks just like him...
Gondola Stan, Zev, Kai and another Kai find themselves in a balloon travelling on the planet Fire. They rescue Duke and Fifi, but it is clear that they won't make it across the Red Hot Sea as there is too much weight on board.
K-Town Kai has been damaged and is unable to rescue Stan and Xev from K-Town on Fire. Stan tries to repair Kai and they come across an old "friend".
Tunnels Kai gets kidnapped, and Stan and Xev must travel through some underground tunnels to reach the next city. However, psychotic killers live in the tunnels and they must turn to Prince for help.
The Key Stan, Xev and Kai finally get back to the Lexx and Stan just wants to destroy the two planets so that the Lexx can feed on them. However, Xev appears to have a sudden sexual interest in him and brings him to the height of sexual pleasure in return for the key.
Garden The crew find a city on Water known as Garden which is populated only by cute women who nurture the plants. Stan and Kai decide to stay in the city, but Xev goes off to find herself a man.
Battle Garden is attacked by balloons from Fire, led by Prince and the only remainig moth is destroyed. Things look even worse when Xev is kidnapped, and Kai and Stan must battle the balloons.
Girltown Stan and Kai end up finding Xev in a city known as Girltown, but Stan is taken hostage by Queen, who has some needs of her own to fulfil.
The Beach While returning to the Lexx, the Lexx tries to eat the balloons and Stan and Kai are knocked off. Kai sinks deep into the oceans of Water and Stan's body is later found floating. Stan also washes up on a beach to meet a waiting Prince...
Heaven and Hell Kai and Xev fly to Prince's new HQ on Fire to try to bring back Stan. Prince refuses and so Kai jumps down a tunnel into the core of Fire to look for him. Xev returns to the Lexx and 790 persuades her to destroy both the planets, with major consequnces...


Season 4 (2001/2002)

Little Blue Planet The Lexx finds a previously unseen planet and heads towards it. The natives believe the crew to be hostile aliens and try to destroy them. On the planet, a presidential election takes place. The planet is Earth.
Texx Lexx Xev and Kai go down to Earth, Texas specifically. Xev gets caught up with a cowboy called Rooster and is later arrested. Meanwhile Prince boards the Lexx...
P4X Xev finds herself in a women's prision known as P4X and becomes involved in an internet broadcast. Stan attempts to escape from Prince with the help of a small boy while Kai learns to read English.
Special appearances by Hattie Hayridge and Craig Charles from Red Dwarf (Holly and Lister)
Stan Down Priest and the First Lady try to get Stan to destroy Prince, but Priest gets his revenge by taking Priest and his wife to a familiar location in Dallas...
Xevivor Xev and Stan are put on a "reality" TV show. Stan wins most of the game with help from 790, but carrot drones end up wreaking havoc.
The Rock On a trip to Newfoundland, Stan is mistaken for Brud and pursued by an angry mob whom Brud owes money. Kai performs the Brunnen G song in an Irish style pub, but eventually saves Stan. Meanwhile Priest has a new girlfriend, Bunny.
Walpurgis Night The crew heads to Translyvania where Kai believes an enemy is to be found. Stan encounters some goth babes, Xev encounters an old count and Kai encounters a powerful Divine assassin.
Vlad Three witches take control of Stan in order to secure protoblood for their master. Their master is the divine assassin Vlad whose mission is to hunt down other assassins, like Kai..
Fluff Daddy Bunny lures Stanley back to Earth with the promise of sexual favours, but he finds a women who looks a lot like Lyekka, but is in fact just a porn star who wants to hijack the Lexx. Xev meanwhile finds someone else who looks a lot like Kai.
Magic Baby After Stan is rescued from a mental hospital by Kai and Xev, the trio are recognised as religious icons by a strange man from Yorkshire. They go back to the Lexx on a shuttle only to find Vlad waiting for them...
A Midsummer's Nightmare Xev was killed by Vlad and the crew head to England as requested by the Druids, where they meet Oberon, King of the Fairies, who has come to find a new bribe.
Bad Carrot ATF agents capture a bad carrot (actually an alien probe) and learn that their function is to enter life-forms through their rectum. However, the carrot escapes and finds it's way into President Priest.
769 790 makes a deal with Prince, he will help Prince get the key in return for Prince having Stan and Xev killed so he can be alone with Kai. 790 becomes attached to a modified mothbreeder and becomes known as 769.
Prime Ridge With the key still missing, Stan, Xev and Kai are stuck on the Lexx drifting in space. They try to find somewhere to settle down and choose Prime Ridge in Ohio, but the FBI is tracking them down.
Mort The Lexx crew ditch their stolen car and are still on the run from the FBI. Kai is low on protoblood and is too weak to even walk. While looking for a place to hide, they encounter a Frankenstein-like mortician named Mort.
Moss With a disabled Kai in the backseat of their car, Stan and Xev stop for a group of workers, who was actually undercover FBI agents. The agent in charge, Moss, then pulls out an automatic weapon...
Dutch Treat Still without the key, Stan is unable to command the Lexx and it beings to consume it's own flesh because it is so hungry. Stan, Xev and Kai head down to Earth to find another a way out of the solar system, and leave 790 behind.
The Game Prince is stuck inside a television, and while Kai is taking it to crash into the moon, Prince persuades Kai to finish their game of chess first. If Prince kills, Stan and Xev lose their lives, but if Kai wins, Prince will give him back his soul.
Haley's Comet When the crew encounter a bunch of 20-somethings, they think are intending to transmit a political message to the Earth, but in the end they try to hi-jack the Lexx, just like everyone else who boards it.
ApocaLexx Now A creature flies from a massive asteriod to Earth. Stanley has a dream where he was eaten by Lyekka and wakes to find the asteriod nearby. An alien, assuming, the form of Lyekka boards the Lexx and tells the crew her people want to eat all life on Earth...
Viva Lexx Vegas The crew stop off in Las Vegas as they wait for a shuttle to return them to the Lexx. Xev takes up wrestling while Stan and Kai have to deal with a killer Mummy whom Kai killed over 4000 years ago.
Trip The Lexx flies away from Earth while Stan and Xev taste some berries left by Lyekka. They end up trying to kill each other due to hallucinations. Kai tries singing to the plant, but the plant damages his cryopod.
Lyekka Vs. Japan An asteriod crashed into Earth and releases a massive Lyekka shaped alien which causes chaos in Japan. Kai and Xev head back to Earth to recover Vlad's cyropod. A monk, Wyatt, is revealed to be selling people's organs.
Yo Way Yo When Prince visits the Lexx, Kai begins to feel again, but the Lexx's health is ailing...


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